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1.What is home care?

Home care/home health care is a wide term encompassing a variety of health care services that are delivered at the patient’s home. Such services may be required if you are recovering from a hospital stay, if you are disabled or chronically ill, or if you need nursing care, social services, or assistance with activities of daily living on an ongoing basis due to age/illness/disability. Home care services include Wound care for a surgical incision or bedsores, intravenous therapy or nutrition therapy, monitoring a serious illness, providing education and support to family caregivers, hospice/palliative care, assistance in bathing, dressing and eating.

2.What is the difference between home care, private care and hospice? Do you provide all these services?

Home care includes home medicare and/or medicaid for professional and home health aide services. Home care services are provided as per the advice of a doctor. Private care refers to services such as personal care and companionship, private duty nursing, ambulatory escort services and care management services delivered at home. Hospice refers to palliative care for patients who are terminally ill and it covers treatment for pain, symptom management, comfort etc. It does not include cure for the underlying terminal illness. 
Aayush provides home care, private care and hospice services.

3.Why should someone use home care?

Home care helps a person to stay at his/her home in familiar environments and in the company of family members and pets. This ensures lower stress levels and helps in quicker recovery/reduced suffering.

4.How do I know which services I need?

If your doctor has prescribed home care/hospice services, we shall deliver them accordingly.

If you do not have any such advice yet, our professional staff will ask you the relevant questions about your illness, symptoms, challenges faced by you etc. and make a recommendation.

5.What is the duration of your home nursing and old age home services?

There is no fixed duration of time for our home care and home nursing services. We have a flexible approach in this regard; it can vary based on the person’s unique needs. Someone may need it for a few weeks/months while others may need longer term or even lifelong support.

6.Is it possible to get home nursing services only at private residences?

No. Home nursing services can be provided in private residences, senior citizen community residence/societies or at a friend or family caregiver’s place.

7.Who are the people who will come to my home for care giving?

It depends on the specific need that you have. We have background verified, well trained and certified male and female nurses to meet different types of requirements.

8.What is the difference between live-in and 24 hours of service? Do you provide both?

Live-in support is required for patients who are very ill/have very high degree of dependency. In such cases, the live-in care giver stays with the patient all the time to ensure uninterrupted support. However, if the care giver is not in a position to get sufficient sleep because of the nature of the illness of the patient, we assign two care givers who work on 12 hour shifts each.

9.How much does it cost to avail your home care/old age home services?

The cost of home care/old age home services depends on the specific need/type of service and the resource to be deployed. Our professional service charges are competitive.

10.How do I get started with your services?

That’s easy. We are just a call/click/email away.

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