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  • Home Nursing

    We at Aayush are committed to make sure that you, and your loved ones who need support and care due to certain health conditions, are never left to feel helpless. Our staff are adequately trained on nursing and the other necessary skills including soft skills. They give the best possible care to the elderly persons or the patients who need continued or fixed-period assistance in the comfort zone of your homes. We have a range of male and female staff starting from freshly trained to those having many years of experience in hospitals and home nursing.

  • Old Age Home

    Considering the demand from senior citizens who do not have their children or someone else to attend to them on a full time basis, we are offering old age home services. We have set up good quality flats in our Bangalore facility which are spacious, naturally lit and suitably furnished. These flats can also be equipped with a range of medical care systems depending on the needs of the occupants, including critical ICU level care. We also take up the responsibility of shifting them to a hospital in case the occupant’s health condition deteriorates and warrants specialist attention from a doctor.

About Us

Aayush Home Health Solutions is a Bangalore based Home Health Service agency, offering high quality Home Nursing and Luxury Old Age Home services. The promoter’s own experience, when his father became a cancer patient, saw the seeds of Aayush as he went through the agony of balancing one’s career and the commitment to caring for aged and sick parents. He understood the criticality of genuine service at affordable cost, assurance of safety and punctuality in Home Health Services and they became ingrained into the Aayush ethos. Aayush ensures trained, trustworthy and empathetic staff, compassionate caring as well as one point solution for those in need. The promoter’s background as an Indian armed forces employee has resulted in duty and commitment as well as client satisfaction assuming paramount importance at Aayush.

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Santosh Kumar Singh

Founder & CEO

Santosh Kumar Singh is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aayush Home Health Solutions. His never say die spirit, determination and kind hearted nature got further enhanced during his stint with the Indian Navy. Being an empathetic individual, it was only natural that he chose home health industry as his domain post his retirement from the services. He had a highly successful engagement as a senior manager with a leading home health solutions company, prior to launching Aayush. Santosh Kumar Singh launched Aayush Home Health Solutions in February 2020 in Bangalore.

Why Aayush

home health solutions service
Prompt response and efficient service
Skilled, background verified and trustworthy staff
home health solutions service
Promoter background with Indian Armed Forces


“We have been associated with Santosh and team for over 2 years now. They very well take care of my seventy five year old father who lives on his own. The experience has been brilliant from the first interaction. The staff is well trained to deal with old people, display compassion towards them and manage their needs and temperament. The best part is that there has never been a time when Santosh and team had said “No” to our needs. They also have ensured a timely and appropriate replacement if the deployed staff had to leave unplanned due to some personal emergency. This has given me a lot of peace of mind. I would like to thank Santosh and all the boys who have helped us so far and who we are sure will continue to help us going forward.”

– Kanchana Seshadri


“We found Santosh as a godsent gift to us when my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s decease in the beginning of last year. He along with his team has been taking very good care of my father ever since we engaged them. It would’ve been impossible for me and my wife to attend to my father without one of us forgoing our careers. That would’ve had serious financial implications for us. Santosh’s team gives truly compassionate care and that is such a big relief for my father and all of us in the family. May god bless him and his team of committed caregivers!”

– Pankaj Kumar


If you are a caring and compassionate individual aiming to make a mark in Home Healthcare sector, you are welcome to join our team. We ensure best in class training, competitive remuneration and professional service environment for our employees.

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