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In-Home Care – the Best Choice for Your Beloved

The practice of in-home health care, or home nursing as it’s more commonly known, is not very old in India. The joint family system always ensured good care and attention for the sick and the aged. With the rapid growth in industrialization and urbanization, nuclear families have become the norm, resulting in the emergence of numerous support systems and services including in-home health care.

In-home health care is not really something that is often thought about or discussed. In most cases, it is contemplated when the need arises – when a family member is in need of care and support due to age, illness or injury. New-born babies are also taken care of by home nurses. And when we are in a hurry, our ability to choose the best is compromised, as we know. If there is an aged person at home or if someone is suffering from to a chronic ailment, it makes sense to start looking around for a reliable home nursing service provider before the need becomes critical. However, step-down/post-hospitalization care for accident related injuries and other such unforeseen situations are not what can be planned for in advance.

Advantages of in-Home Care/Home Nursing

The in-home care system offers multiple benefits for various stakeholders – patients, families and hospitals. Let us discuss some of them here:

Benefits for Patients

  • Home nurses take care of all daily routines of the patient including bathing, feeding, medicines, exercising/physiotherapy, recreation and sleep – all in the comforts of the patient’s home
  • Home nurses are trained professionals who make sure that the precise medicines are given to the patient, as per the doctor’s prescription
  • Home nursing services include facilities such as home cooked meals for the patient to ensure that your loved ones are given the appropriate food. Food for patients should contain the necessary proteins and other contents as per their age, health and illness conditions. In-home care givers are trained to prepare the appropriate food for patients
  • Hospitals offering in-home care also ensure advanced technical support through the necessary systems and equipment
  • Social interactions are very important in keeping the ageing/sick hail and hearty. Aged and the sick find it difficult to socialize for lack of companionship. Family members tend to get busy with their own daily routines while friends may not be in a position to come over frequently. Home nurses can have a friendly approach to the aged and carry out recreational activities together such as reading books, meditating and going out for walks, leading to personal bonding between them
  • Home nursing helps the patients to avoid the discomforts associated with frequent visits to hospitals
  • In-home care combines the service of professionally trained and licensed nurses with the patient’s own family members and familiar home environment. Such an approach providing best-in-class, holistic and empathetic care in familiar home setting can lead to physical, mental and emotional well-being of the patients and quicker recovery/reduced suffering

Benefits for Family Members

  • In-home care givers relieve family members of the stress, anxiety and physical strain in attending to their beloved one.
  • Home nursing system allows family members to carry out their daily work/business activities and maintain their daily routine, which ensures their good health and avoids financial issues
  • Errors and omissions in medication can lead to increased health issues and even potential hospitalization. The home nurses are well trained; they ensure that the appropriate medicines are given to patients from time to time as per doctor’s prescription. Family members do not have to worry about this critical activity.
  • Home nurses also take care of some of the home chores such as buying vegetables and doing laundry, which is of great support to the family members
  • Affordability – home nursing is affordable when compared to hospital nursing. Therefore, in-home healthcare is the preferred option, except during emergencies when hospitalization is a must. This helps the family members to avoid unnecessary financial burden

Benefits for Hospitals

  • Offering step-down support at homes through home nursing agencies help hospitals to free up ICU beds soon after the critical stage and admit new patients, thus ensuring the availability of critical care facilities to more and more patients in need
  • Hospitals can effectively offer follow up support by collaborating with in-home care agencies and there by ensure timely follow up visits and procedures
  • Hospitals can reduce the chances of hospital acquired infections (HAI) by sending the patient home and extending in-home care services.
  • By avoiding extended hospital stays through in-home care services and ensuring timely follow up visits, hospitals can enhance their image as a concerned and caring institution. This significantly improves their brand image
  • Hospitals can achieve lower attrition rates as the home nursing agency continues it’s service to the patient as long as it is required and refers the patient back to the same hospital whenever re-admission is necessary
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  • Raol
    21 June 2020 at 5:08 pm

    My experience with Aayush has been good. Their homecare (caretaker staff) were committed and earnest. It made a big difference in the recuperation process. I thank Aayush for their hard work. Respect :).