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A Home Away from Home

Old age is the most difficult phase in life as one’s health goes down and becomes dependent on others for even carrying out daily routines. While the patient undergoes the pain and the suffering, the family members are overwhelmed with emotions and the urge to ensure the best possible care for their beloved, apart from having to ensure the necessary financial resources. In the current fast paced life that we live, not everyone is lucky to have family members to look after them during this phase. Nuclear family model adds to the problem with rarely any extended family members available for help and support when needed.

Advantages of old age homes:

  • Provides a family like atmosphere
  • Old age homes are a reliable source of care
  • Multiple service options to choose from – home care, private care and hospice – depending on the need of the patient
  • Dependable male and female staff who are well trained and background checked
  • All day to day activities of the patient are supported and taken care of by professional staff. Peace of mind assured
  • Availability of doctors in case emergency care/hospitalization if required
  • No concern over safety and security. The aged do not have to worry about intrusions etc.
  • Companionship – “the enjoyment of spending time with other people”. Old age homes enable the elderly to be in the companionship of others their age. They perform some activities as a group as part of entertainment. This gives them warmth and eliminates the feeling of estrangement
  • Phones and other communication facilities which, are regularly serviced and well maintained, help them to keep in touch with distant family members
  • Controlled lifestyle – after a certain age it is necessary to follow a controlled lifestyle with sufficient exercise and a healthy diet. Avoiding stress and maintaining mental and physical wellbeing can be ensured at old age homes
  • Flexibility of duration – the old age home service can be availed for a certain fixed duration or continued for the entire life duration of the patient as per the wish of the family members

Looking at the challenges faced by the patient and the family members and the numerous advantages of availing old age home services, one may be inclined to conclude that old age homes which provide compassionate and dedicated care where the inmates feel at home, are nothing short of a blessing.

Aayush Home Health Solutions

we at Aayush provide skilled and trustworthy care takers, nursing assistance, and qualified Nurses for senior citizens and patients who need constant care and monitering.

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